Ted Box

For over 25 years Ted Box has led teams on the cutting edge of
software development deliveringTBO-130909-03-600x693 sales & marketing success for firms such as AT&T, BroadVision, Tumbleweed Communications, The Swiss Post, Webforia, Espotting, FindWhat, MIVA, Overture, Yahoo!, Fantastic Corp., KKR, Micrognosis, Swisscom, Baloise Insurance Ltd, Thomson Reuters, DuPont, Porsche, Mövenpick, IBM and dozens more.

These days his firm, BoxOnline has published close to 1000 Apps and taken the pain out of digital publishing by introducing KinetiZine. Ted’s ideas have enabled marketers to gain insight into their audience’s behavior so that digital marketing can be more personal and relevant.
When he is not solving compelling marketing puzzles or writing a new book, Ted can be found hanging out with his wife on the Zurich riverside. He enjoys sculling, hiking, scuba diving, snowboarding and composing music.

Harro M. Wiersma, M. Sc.

Harro M. WiersmaIn the last 15 years Harro has had the opportunity to support
corporations in the whole of Europe, with projects within the area’s of IT infrastructure, databases, data warehousing, project management and Big Data/Business Analytics.

As one of the leading big data evangelists in Switzerland Harro helps companies to get focused on creating effective, simple and beautiful data solutions that help to achieve their goals.

Harro holds a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems of the University of Phoenix, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Leadership of the University of Sankt Gallen. In his projects Harro focusses on solutions of bringing the “old” RDBMS landscapes together with new technologies, and the way companies think about the way they are using data.

Dr. Giuseppe Alvaro

Giuseppe AlvaroDr. Giuseppe Alvaro, a seasoned safety physician with over 24 years total experience in the pharma industry. A pulmonologist by training, Dr. Alvaro holds a diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine granted by the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM) and has worked for more than 17 years in the safety departments of large and small pharmaceutical companies, in therapeutic areas such as oncology, transplantation, anti-infectives, pulmonology and neurology.

Prior to founding Saphar, Dr. Alvaro created and led an outstanding medical safety team for a big pharma, designed and managed the pharmacovigilance system of a start-up company developing orphan drugs, and initiated the drug safety function supporting the biosimilars program of a large generic company.

Dr. Jutta Tobias

Jutta TobiasBefore obtaining her doctorate in social psychology from Washington State University in the U.S., Jutta worked as senior consultant for Arthur Anderson and several other consultancies in the U.K., advising blue-chip clients on their IT strategy implementation. She also helped rural entrepreneurs in Central Africa enhance productivity and commercial performance.

After completing her doctoral dissertation in 2008, Jutta served as the James Marshall Public Policy Fellow for the American Psychological Association and for The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. This provided her with the opportunity to learn the art and science of lobbying in the public interest as President Obama introduced the Health Care Reform bill. Over the course of her two year assignment as postdoctoral Fellow, she developed a track record of effective relationship building with federal agencies and the U.S. Congress, helping public policy officials create sound social policy. Jutta has been quoted in The Sunday Times, and was interviewed on the BBC World Service on mindfulness and stress in the workplace.

She has published her field research on transformative entrepreneurial opportunity and social change in rural Rwanda in the FT-ranked Journal of Business Venturing, and has received several academic awards for her work, including the President’s Award from Washington State University for her outstanding contribution to academia and community development. In her spare time, Jutta has co-facilitated non-violence workshops in U.S. prisons and more recently in U.K. communities. She is a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) and holds a counselling qualification from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Barbara Sorce

Barbara SorceShe received her Master’s degree in Biotechnological Science from the University of Bologna (Italy), and her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technology- Nanoscience Sector from University of Salento (Italy).

She then joins ETH Zurich, where she is currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher. During her research activities, she investigated the bio-interactions among nanomaterials and biological systems. In particular, she made significant advances in several biochemical and biotechnological research activities to analyze the responses of biological systems (neuronal cell and bacteria) upon interaction with nanoscale materials (i.e., nanoparticles, nanostructured substrates, etc.) with different size, shape, composition and structure; development of proteomics analyses for nanotoxicology studies and in the understanding of how mixed ligand nanoparticles lead to a variation in plasma membrane protein profile.

More recently she is involved in the development of a new highly parallel micro-device force sensing system to study the molecular mechanisms that govern cell shape changes during mitosis and perform drugs screening.