Janene Liston

Janene Liston is multi-passionate entrepreneur with a passion for shifting mindsets by exploring how we show up in the world. She’s a graduate of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute’s advanced mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program, Engage. As a coach & consultant she uses her experience in pricing, communication and mindfulness to help others thrive.


Judite Weyermann

Judite Weyermann was born and grew up in Portugal. judite-weyermannMore than 30 years ago she came to Switzerland to study and stayed. After studying chemistry, she worked for 10 years in food technology at «Givaudan». After that she entered the world of cosmetics. Once in the cosmetic world, Judite spent the first 10 years in development for the brand «Juvena», later for the brand «La Prairie». Subsequently, she spent some years in management functions and project leadership, and in the development of natural cosmetics, private labels and mass market at «CWK». Here she was also in charge of the transfer from the laboratory scale to production scale. This was followed by a few years as technology manager for up-scaling at «La Prairie». To her impressive background Judite also brings further education in specialized areas of cosmetics, such as perfumes and fine
fragrances and emulsion engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, as well as economics, marketing, leadership and coaching. Since September 2010 she is a self-employed business partner with projects for successful, international cosmetic brands.


Emma Maria Calleja

emma calleja

“The two words “information”​ and “communication”​ are often used
interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.”  (from Linkedin, profile Emma Maria Calleja)


Emma has Business, Communication and Organisational Change Management experience across industries and geographies, backed with a proven track record in innovation and stakeholder engagement.

Advisory roles have been versatile with a primary focus on the human element of changes. This primarily comprised of the development and oversight of Communication Strategies (including public speaking/presentation techniques and coaching, speech writing, media comms, branding and design) as well as Organisational Change Management and Project Management (Roll-out manager for Europe, South America & parts of Asia).

What we prioritize, what we buy, what we do, who we interact with, which candidates we choose for our teams… What is the real driving force behind our decision-making process? Backed with examples, this talk would go into and prove how rational justifications are, in essence, emotionally-based decisions that we take in both our personal and professional spheres.

It trickles down to bridging the innovative with the human through communication in businesses and proceeds with demonstrating how the supporting force of creativity (both visual and aural)  is a determining factor between successes and failures even in non-creative and strictly regulated environments. 

Giovanni Sammarco

giovanni sammarco

The philosophy of the brand
“Perfumery is research of beauty. Perfumers design dreams and emotions. To do this we need raw materials. We need the best in the world. We need innovations and traditions. We need a vision.
I try to create something beautiful using the best raw materials and without
compromises.” (Giovanni Sammarco)


The brand Sammarco is an independent perfumery brand based in the hearth of Switzerland, in Kanton Appenzell Ausserrhoden, near the city of St Gallen and the lake of Konstanz.
It was created by perfumer Giovanni Sammarco in 2013 and all the fragrances of the brand are created by him.

The whole production process of perfumes is made in-house from the company Tiferet GmbH, 100% owned and directed by the perfumer.

All the products are 100% Swiss made. Giovanni Sammarco is italian and he has a PhD in Civil Law, after his Master in Law and during PhD he studied perfumery and then choose to move to Switzerland to establish his company and found his brand.
He is now member of Societè Francaise des Parfumeurs.

Tiferet GmbH
Schlossstrasse 5
CH-9100 Herisau
+41 79 198 56 68

Vinay Deshpande

Know my Co-Active journey?

My Co-Active journey began in October 2014 when I decided to pursue coaching more in depth and enrolled myself to become a “Co-Active Coach” with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I finished my curriculum in May 2015 and currently pursuing 6 month’s certification programme. This course from CTI is recognized by International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I am passionate about self-development and believe in living life to its full potential. Co-Active has been a way of life for me. I believe, I am a “child” full of life and I help people to tap into their “inner-child” to make them aware of the enormous possibilities the life has to offer and make resonate choice!

You can find more details about CTI & ICF with following links.

Link to Coaches Training Institute (CTI): http://www.thecoaches.com/

Link to International Coach Federation (ICF): http://www.coachfederation.org/

Steve Masters

Steve Masters is Vice President of Customer Innovation and Solution Designxxxx,
within BT Innovate & Design, focussing primarily into BT Global Services. His team comprises CTO’s aligned to and focusing on BT’s largest global contracts, and a team of Solutions Architects and Service Designers who construct solutions for all of our large global bids. Steve is also responsible for driving innovation through the CTO and Architect community and has a team focused on thought leadership and interfacing to BT’s R&D functions.  As well as running the global team Steve speaks at many customer and industry events on Innovation and Unified Communications.

Steve has more than 25 years’ experience in the IT and the telecommunications industry from the early days of networking in the late 80’s through to Web and Content services in the dot com period.

Prior to joining BT in March 2005, Steve worked for a leading consultancy and systems integrator. There, he managed the company’s mobile application and Microsoft practice and led sales activity targeted at the manufacturing and high technology sectors.

Since joining BT Steve and team were instrumental in defining, writing and subsequently delivering BT Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy. This is world leading in the industry and Steve still specialises in this area as well as the effects and influences on the workforce of the consumerisation of IT.

Antonio Solazzo

ASOEng. Antonio Solazzo An Italian national and native speaker, fluent in English and French, Antonio has a Master degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration from the Università del Salento.

He joined Deloitte from Lodestone where he has been since 2010 as an SAP FICO and FSCD principal consultant. Prior to working for Lodestone he worked at Cap Gemini and KPMG Advisory. He advised clients in variety of industry in the area of Financial Services, Insurances, including also Utilities and Pharmaceuticals companies.

Example projects include design, implementation and blueprint definition of various SAP finance modules and business analysis, roll-out management and solution architect.

Christian Etzensperger

Microsoft Word - CV Etzensperger May 2014 rAHe conducts in-depth analysis in alternative investment topics in frontier and emerging markets. This means hands-on investment analysis for USD 2 billion of assets in microfinance, SME finance, venture capital and agribusiness. He performs country risk analysis, market intelligence, as well as impact measurement, and produce the respective output for investors. He is a multi-lingual quantitative economist with excellent writing and presentation skills, trained at Vontobel and Credit Suisse. At present, he works as a Senior Research Analyst with responsAbility, a boutique asset manager, conducting in-depth analysis in alternative investment topics for the benefit of our investors. He is looking for an exchange of ideas and opportunities with alternative investment managers, economists, venture capitalists and microfinance practitioners.

François Randin

François Randin, CEO de Green MotionFrançois Randin, President and CEO of Green Motion SA : a 33-year Swiss national who is a successful entrepreneur since he is 21 year old. Before founding Green Motion in 2009, François who has an IT education and background, managed software projects in banks and insurance companies for 7 years (Pictet, Swiss Life, BCV, etc.) and has worked in Switzerland, Vietnam and in major European countries. He brings solid IT, operations and HR management experience to the team. In 2002 François created WOPR Sarl, a 3 MCHF turnover IT company which was successfully sold in 2012.

Dr. Gabriele Lillacci

He received his Master’s degree in electronics engineering fromgabriele lillacci
the University of Perugia (Italy), and his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA). He then join ETH Zürich, where he
his currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher.
A control engineer by background, he has worked on quantitative modeling and simulation of gene networks, developing new algorithms for the analysis of biological data.
More recently, he has focused on the design and implementation of synthetic feedback
controllers of gene expression in living cells, contributing to both the theoretical and
the experimental aspects of the work.