François Randin

François Randin, CEO de Green MotionFrançois Randin, President and CEO of Green Motion SA : a 33-year Swiss national who is a successful entrepreneur since he is 21 year old. Before founding Green Motion in 2009, François who has an IT education and background, managed software projects in banks and insurance companies for 7 years (Pictet, Swiss Life, BCV, etc.) and has worked in Switzerland, Vietnam and in major European countries. He brings solid IT, operations and HR management experience to the team. In 2002 François created WOPR Sarl, a 3 MCHF turnover IT company which was successfully sold in 2012.

Apero & Science – September 2014

AperoandScience_6Dear all,
time to start again after this summer period with the after-works for bringing new energy.

Join us for having a drink and being part of an exciting networking moment!

We will have the pleasure to welcome François Randin, Pres. and CEO of Green Motion SA.
Green Motion focuses on providing charging solutions for electric vehicles:
• Charging stations and networks
• Online services for users and operators
• Support for users and operators
During the presentation, the following topics will be discussed :
The electric vehicles’ market
Building an industrial company from scratch based on a 100% local production
Recharging infrastructure needs in Switzerland
Products and solutions overview, hardware and software
Case studies, examples of charging stations’ deployments in cities, campus and companies

After Apero if you want you can stay for the dinner
We hope to see all of you!

Dr. Gabriele Lillacci

He received his Master’s degree in electronics engineering fromgabriele lillacci
the University of Perugia (Italy), and his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA). He then join ETH Zürich, where he
his currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher.
A control engineer by background, he has worked on quantitative modeling and simulation of gene networks, developing new algorithms for the analysis of biological data.
More recently, he has focused on the design and implementation of synthetic feedback
controllers of gene expression in living cells, contributing to both the theoretical and
the experimental aspects of the work.

Ted Box

For over 25 years Ted Box has led teams on the cutting edge of
software development deliveringTBO-130909-03-600x693 sales & marketing success for firms such as AT&T, BroadVision, Tumbleweed Communications, The Swiss Post, Webforia, Espotting, FindWhat, MIVA, Overture, Yahoo!, Fantastic Corp., KKR, Micrognosis, Swisscom, Baloise Insurance Ltd, Thomson Reuters, DuPont, Porsche, Mövenpick, IBM and dozens more.

These days his firm, BoxOnline has published close to 1000 Apps and taken the pain out of digital publishing by introducing KinetiZine. Ted’s ideas have enabled marketers to gain insight into their audience’s behavior so that digital marketing can be more personal and relevant.
When he is not solving compelling marketing puzzles or writing a new book, Ted can be found hanging out with his wife on the Zurich riverside. He enjoys sculling, hiking, scuba diving, snowboarding and composing music.

Apero & Technology – July 2014

AperoandTechEver think about building an App?

According to a recent study, 85% of consumers prefer to review media in an App rather than using a browser. But, Apps cost money. A lot of money to conceptualize, design, build, launch, promote, support and maintain.

These days, brands take mobile Apps seriously since they know that each of us carry around smartphones in our pockets.
But, what if you’re not ready to put 50K to 100K on the table this year or you don’t have the infrastructure in place to support an App? What can you do?  Many will offer ideas designed to save money and perhaps launch a low budget App to test the waters but, how many times have you downloaded one of those low budget, feature starved Apps only to discover that it added so little value to your life, that it really did not deserve a place on your phone or tablet. 10 seconds later, you deleted it.
I’d like to propose that there are at least 7 things to think about when considering an App. 7 solid reasons for saving your money. 7 reasons for NOT building an App.  If you’d like to hear my thoughts on the topic and perhaps even discover a few cool alternatives to Apps, meet us on 7.7.14 and with drinks and great food we’ll have a few laughs and launch into the topic at the Restaurant & Bar Dal Nastro in Zurich where at 7:14pm we will start the dialog and see where it leads.

Apero & Science – July 2014

AperoandScience_5We will have the pleasure to welcome Dr. Gabriele Lillaci, postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zürich. He will talk about the excitant theme of Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a new and exciting field of bioengineering whose goal is to
program biological systems in order to make them do useful things. These include,
for example, the synthesis of rare pharmaceutical compounds, or the selective
identification of cancer cells. By enabling such key applications, synthetic biology promises
to revolutionize the way we think about healthcare. We present a brief overview of the past
and present of the field, along with an outlook of what can be expected in the future.

The given presentation is available here:  Synthetic Biology
Photos of the event are available here: Photos