Apero&Science on 6th March 2018 @ Soho from 19:00 to 21:00

Dear all,

Apero&Science will take place on 06.03.18 at Soho, Steinenvorstadt 54, Basel from 19:00.

We will have a pleasure to welcome Janene Liston, graduate Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

She will spaek about working with resistance.

Resistance is a natural part of being human. Most of us face it daily in our private and professional lives. When we look closely at resistance two things are clear. First, resistance is a plea to be heard; which means it’s an opportunity to understand another’s perspective. Second, the outcome when faced with resistance is highly dependant upon how we respond.
We’ll use mindfulness, neuroscience and somatic practices to explore how we can more successfully work with resistance.

Come on the 6th of March to discover more!!!

Please feel free to join and to bring with you friends/colleagues.

No fees at the entrance are asked, just join and have fun with us.

We will wait for you!!!

The Aperoand Team
Barbara Sorce, barbara@aperoand.com
Silvio Riva, silvio@aperoand.com
Antonio Putrino, antonio@aperoand.com