Judite Weyermann

Judite Weyermann was born and grew up in Portugal. judite-weyermannMore than 30 years ago she came to Switzerland to study and stayed. After studying chemistry, she worked for 10 years in food technology at «Givaudan». After that she entered the world of cosmetics. Once in the cosmetic world, Judite spent the first 10 years in development for the brand «Juvena», later for the brand «La Prairie». Subsequently, she spent some years in management functions and project leadership, and in the development of natural cosmetics, private labels and mass market at «CWK». Here she was also in charge of the transfer from the laboratory scale to production scale. This was followed by a few years as technology manager for up-scaling at «La Prairie». To her impressive background Judite also brings further education in specialized areas of cosmetics, such as perfumes and fine
fragrances and emulsion engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, as well as economics, marketing, leadership and coaching. Since September 2010 she is a self-employed business partner with projects for successful, international cosmetic brands.