Apero&Science on 7th February 2017 from 19:00 @ Soho, Steinenvorstadt 54, Basel

aperoandscience_07-02-2017Dear all,

Apero&Science wil take place on 07.02.17 at Soho, Steinenvorstadt 54, Basel from 19:00 under the Patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Switzerland & the Consulate of Italy in Basel.

We will have a pleasure to welcome Edita Orascanin, B. Sc Business Psychology and Life Science Consultant at Randstad Professionals.

She will be presenting the current LS market in CH and will be providing you good career opportunity advices.

As a start Edita will clarify the definition of Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector, focusing on the market in Switzerland on its different regions and industries. She will also give an overview of the most relevant positions companies in this sector are looking for. There will also be given good tips for your job search, different tools you can use and important advices for your next career move.

Come on the 7th of February to discover more!!!

Please feel free to join and to bring with you friends/colleagues.

For any information/questions please feel free to contact us:

Silvio Riva: silvio@aperoand.com
Barbara Sorce: barbara@aperoand.com
Antonio Putrino: antonio@aperoand.com

We will wait for you.

The Aperoand Team


The given presentation is available here : ls-career-advices