Apero&Science on 29th November 2016 from 19:00 @Apawi, Rheingasse 8, 4058 Basel

aperoand_29-11-2016  Apero&Science will take place on 29th November 2016 from 19:00 at Apawi, Rheingasse 8, 4058 Basel under the Patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Switzerland & the Consulate of Italy in Basel.

We will have the pleasure to welcome Dr. Tatiana Gaudimonte, Biologist Nutritionist.

She will talk about a special new way of conceiving the diet.

Our environment is a constant source of signals to which our body and mind react in order to protect the delicate balance of our metabolism. There’s no surprise in finding that temperature changes or stress induce hormone cascades which prepare our body to face these contingencies.
Then why, talking about food, we seem to consider it mainly for its caloric content and think about our body as a mere gunnysack which gets bigger or smaller only depending on how much food (calories) we put in it?

Actually, food is a powerful stimulus of an incredibly efficient hormone-mediated signal pattern which lead our metabolism to an “accumulation” mode or to a “consumption” mode, independently from the calorie intake. That is to say that we get fatter or slimmer depending on the quality of our food and on how and when we eat it. And what about the “how much”? Well, you’ll be surprised to discover that the less you eat, the more you’ll get fat and the more you eat (high quality food) the easier you will lose fat. This surprising phenomenon is lead by our hypothalamus, which developed during paleolithic the best responses in order to ensure our survival in an environment where finding food was our daily challenge.

Come on the 29th November to discover more!!! Please feel free to join and to bring with you friends/colleagues.

No fees at the entrance are asked, just join and have fun with us.

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The Aperoand Team