Giovanni Sammarco

giovanni sammarco

The philosophy of the brand
“Perfumery is research of beauty. Perfumers design dreams and emotions. To do this we need raw materials. We need the best in the world. We need innovations and traditions. We need a vision.
I try to create something beautiful using the best raw materials and without
compromises.” (Giovanni Sammarco)


The brand Sammarco is an independent perfumery brand based in the hearth of Switzerland, in Kanton Appenzell Ausserrhoden, near the city of St Gallen and the lake of Konstanz.
It was created by perfumer Giovanni Sammarco in 2013 and all the fragrances of the brand are created by him.

The whole production process of perfumes is made in-house from the company Tiferet GmbH, 100% owned and directed by the perfumer.

All the products are 100% Swiss made. Giovanni Sammarco is italian and he has a PhD in Civil Law, after his Master in Law and during PhD he studied perfumery and then choose to move to Switzerland to establish his company and found his brand.
He is now member of Societè Francaise des Parfumeurs.

Tiferet GmbH
Schlossstrasse 5
CH-9100 Herisau
+41 79 198 56 68