Vinay Deshpande

Know my Co-Active journey?

My Co-Active journey began in October 2014 when I decided to pursue coaching more in depth and enrolled myself to become a “Co-Active Coach” with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I finished my curriculum in May 2015 and currently pursuing 6 month’s certification programme. This course from CTI is recognized by International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I am passionate about self-development and believe in living life to its full potential. Co-Active has been a way of life for me. I believe, I am a “child” full of life and I help people to tap into their “inner-child” to make them aware of the enormous possibilities the life has to offer and make resonate choice!

You can find more details about CTI & ICF with following links.

Link to Coaches Training Institute (CTI):

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