Apero & Technology – July 2014

AperoandTechEver think about building an App?

According to a recent study, 85% of consumers prefer to review media in an App rather than using a browser. But, Apps cost money. A lot of money to conceptualize, design, build, launch, promote, support and maintain.

These days, brands take mobile Apps seriously since they know that each of us carry around smartphones in our pockets.
But, what if you’re not ready to put 50K to 100K on the table this year or you don’t have the infrastructure in place to support an App? What can you do?  Many will offer ideas designed to save money and perhaps launch a low budget App to test the waters but, how many times have you downloaded one of those low budget, feature starved Apps only to discover that it added so little value to your life, that it really did not deserve a place on your phone or tablet. 10 seconds later, you deleted it.
I’d like to propose that there are at least 7 things to think about when considering an App. 7 solid reasons for saving your money. 7 reasons for NOT building an App.  If you’d like to hear my thoughts on the topic and perhaps even discover a few cool alternatives to Apps, meet us on 7.7.14 and with drinks and great food we’ll have a few laughs and launch into the topic at the Restaurant & Bar Dal Nastro in Zurich where at 7:14pm we will start the dialog and see where it leads.