Apero & Science has a new location in Basel: The Grace Restaurant

Grace (Basel) - The bar

Grace (Basel) – The bar

Don’t miss our next event!

We are pleased to inform you that starting from June 2014 the event will be hosted at a new location. Here a preview of the location.

We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we did during our scouting activities.

Grace (Basel) - The Lounge and dining area

Grace (Basel) – The Lounge and dining area

The “Grace Restaurant” is very close to our previous location (just around the corner) and has a large bar with a very welcoming ambiente.

Those interested in going for dinner after the event will be pleased with their elegant food selection and their lounging area.

For more information, check them out directly on their website:


See you there in June for our next Apero & Science event.